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My name is Verna McFelin, and I am the Chief Executive of Pillars Incorporated, a charity designed to support children and families of prisoners in New Zealand. Our aim is to assist these children in getting the support services needed to help prevent intergenerational offending and imprisonment.

This is an unsolicited recommendation for Daniel Wright of Circle Trust. Daniel recently assisted Pillars with its Children of Prisoners Campaign – “Not My Crime – Still My Sentence” which took place in September 2012. Daniel instigated a major part of our awareness campaign which entailed acquiring a site in Re: START to display an exhibition, procuring volunteers for the exhibition and driving the Facebook campaign.
Without Daniel and the support of Circle Trust, our campaign would not have got off the ground. Daniel is an exceptional, task focussed person who not only comes with excellent relationship skills but also fantastic organisational skills.

Daniel founded Circle Trust which is a community group that empowers people and groups within communities to break down barriers and work together. It is the only organisation of its kind (that I know of) which reaches out to other communities to offer much needed assistance. For Pillars, this indeed was a very successful collaboration between two groups to achieve much.

Circle Trust is indeed a very essential service and I highly recommend that it be supported in any way possible to continue its valuable contribution to the Christchurch community.

– Verna McFelin – Chief Executive – Pillars Inc


March 12 2013

Dear Daniel and Natasha

Thank you so very much for your time, energy, passion, and support for our gifted garden.

We have loved being part of it, especially going to Ellerslie and seeing the garden in reality, for the first time. The concept was good, but the actuality, was stunning and completely out of this world.

Thank you for helping us, especially with the transport of the garden.

Circle Trust is certainly dynamic.

It was much appreciated.

For the Children – Gretchen Smith – Principal – Wharenui School Christchurch

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