About Us

Everyone hits the wall at some stage in their life. People deal with the situation in different ways. Some people walk away from the wall and don’t even try and to get through.  Others try to get through but continue to bang their head against the wall, while  others start taking the bricks down and building the new foundations of their lives.

Circle Trust is there to help the people who want to go through the wall but are struggling to take the bricks down. We help them through our life planning and community link programs.

We live in communities where there are a huge number of social organisations but they don’t link with one another; and just focus on their own part of the community. At Circle Trust we work with anyone in the community who wants to be empowered,  and we help to build strong foundations for their lives, and the lives of others.

We will work with any community organisation, group, or corporate entity that wants to empower their community.